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Technology - An ongoing discussion - Part 2 - Internet Explorer 8
November 12th, 2008 4:21 PM

Well, IE8 continues to frustrate me. One thing that it keeps me from is updating my web pages and blog as often as I would like. But I've figured a way around this problem too! Yeah!

You see, even the page I'm currently typing on does not appear correctly in IE8. What I see on this page if I log into it is a bunch of HTML code. I'm not an HTML expert by any means. But if I log into the page in IE7, I can see all my blog tools just fine. What I've been forced to do in order to update my pages is walk across the room and log into my wife's computer. Well, that's not convenient either.

So my solution? Log-Me-In. LogMeIn is a free software tool that allows you to remotely access any computer on the net. I'd never had a reason to set up the other computer up with LogMeIn before, but today I suddenly realized this would be a better way to access the computer when I needed to post my updates and blogs. And here I am, writing this blog on the other computer while sitting at my main computer. You can get LogMeIn for FREE too. Just go to

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