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Technology - An ongoing discussion - Part 1 - Internet Explorer
November 3rd, 2008 10:52 AM

Technology is something I understand and enjoy. I've been a software and hardware alpha and beta tester for many years. I build and repair my own computers. So along that vein I've decided that I would update my blog with regular posts regarding computers and technology.

For my first in a series of blogs, I'd like to address the recent release of Internet Explorer 8, beta version #2. Because I beta test software. I wanted top try IE8 out and see how it interacts with other programs.

My first mistake is that I should have downloaded and installed IE8 on a "virtual machine". Instead I made the mistake of installing it on my main PC. I found out very quickly that IE8 has a lot of bugs and it doesn't;t "pay well" with several other programs.

But it was too late! Once loaded, I couldn't unload IE8. The uninstall program doesn't work properly. I tried everything I could think of to get rid of IE8, but I'm stuck with it.

My answer was to start using Firefox. Yes, Microsoft drove me right into the enemy's camp! And I've come to really like Firefox. Still, there are a few online applications Firefox doesn't work with either. So it's not the ideal solution either.

My advice? Stay away from IE8 for now! It will most likely cause you problems and the new features it offers (which aren't much in my view) are not worth the risk.

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Posted by Leland Hill on November 3rd, 2008 10:52 AMPost a Comment

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